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Choosing your Tent

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There are several factors when choosing your tent,  make sure you keep the following in mind during your selection period.

  • Do you have the adequate space to install a tent?pics 029
  • Would you like to have your event in a controllable, fun atmosphere?
  • Do you need coverage against the elements for your event?
  • Location of sewer and other buried cables
  • Do you need to attract attention for a sale or venue?
  • What Add ons will you need for your event; tables, chairs, lighting, dance floor etc…
  • Amount of people
  • Service style. Reception only, buffet or served, head table, etc..

We offer Pole Tents277

  • Often called Traditional Tents, Centre Pole Tents or Tension Tents.
  • Have one or more centre poles that bisect the middle of the tent.
  • Anchor points must be in a precise location around the tent.
  • Can inexpensively span a large area.
  • Installed on flat open areas.

If you are planning on having an event and need a tent then contact one of trained specialist for a free quote or for an on site consultation.